The group has a well-equipped biomechanics laboratory with a number of state-of-the-art instruments, some of which have been developed in house. The laboratory is essential for our activities as this is where we carry out tests to determine the material properties of tissue and assess the operation of our medical devices. The following list is not exhaustive but includes our most important instruments.


Inflation Rig
Manufacturer: Ocular and Biomaterial Biomechanics Group Model: -
Thickness Measurement Device (TMD)
Manufacturer: Ocular and Biomaterial Biomechanics Group Model: -
Intraocular Pressure Monitoring Contact Lens
Manufacturer: Ocular and Biomaterial Biomechanics Group Model: -
Dual Column Universal Testing System
Manufacturer: Instron Model: 3366
Slit Lamp
Manufacturer: Keeler Model: SL-40 H
Pulsair Intellipuff
Manufacturer: Keeler Model: -
Corvis Tonometer
Manufacturer: Oculus Model: ST-72100
Pulsair Desktop
Manufacturer: Keeler Model: -
Perkins Tonometer
Manufacturer: Haag Streit UK Model: MK3
Fluorescence Microscope
Manufacturer: Nikon Model: Eclipse Ci-l
Linkam mini tensile-rig
Manufacturer: Linkam Model: TST 350
Bruker Multimode 8 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
Manufacturer: Bruker Model: -
Nanoindenter with Standard XP Indenter and Dynamic Contact Module II (DCM II) Heads
Manufacturer: Keysight Model: G200
Forma Upright Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer
Manufacturer: Thermoscientific Model: Forma 88300
Sparkfree 447L Chest Freezer
Manufacturer: Labcold Model: LCF1520
Dual Channel Temperature Data Logger with Comet GSM modem
Manufacturer: Sensormatrix Model: -