Material characterisation Determining mechanical properties of soft tissues
Numerical Simulation Creation of idealised and patient-specific models
Medical Device Development Improving clinical practice using innovative devices
Medical Procedures Developing methods to optimise medical procedures


We are a group of engineers with interest in ocular and soft tissue biomechanics research. Our main focus is ocular biomechanics. We use structural engineering analysis tools such as laboratory experimental testing and nonlinear finite element modelling to determine the material properties of ocular tissue and to simulate the eye’s response to tonometry and contact lens wear. Our group has developed state of the art laboratory facilities that provide tight control of hydration, temperature and strain rate and offer non-contact behaviour monitoring methods. Our advanced numerical simulation considers the hyperelastic, hysteretic, viscoelastic and anisotropic material behaviour of the cornea and sclera. Our work is now progressing in the development of a number of medical devices to improve clinical practice in ophthalmology.


The Group carried out extensive tests to determine the mechanical properties of soft tissues.

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Our simulations represent closely the mechanical properties of materials and the organ’s topography.

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We are involved in the developed of a number of medical devices to improve clinical practice.

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Mathematical algorithms have been developed to improve customisation of surgical procedures.

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Collaboration with Wenzhou Eye Hospital
Collaboration with Wenzhou Eye Hospital

Ahmed Elsheikh, Ashkan Eliasy, Sherif Hassaan and Junjie Wang visited the Ocular Biomechanics Group at Wenzhou Medical University over two weeks on a trip funded by the Wenzhou group. Lab experiment facilities and test procedures examined and modified. Experimental results obtained from built-in-house instruments and previously discussed projects, analysed and a number of papers reviewed.

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The Group is supported by funding from UK research councils, international funding bodies and a number of companies..

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We work closely with a number of high-profile research, clinical and commercial partners from around the world.

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We welcome collaboration with industries and have a large number of possible projects for PhD and MPhil students.

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