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We are a group of engineers with interest in soft tissue biomechanics research. Our work covers the whole spectrum from material characterisation of tissue and numerical simulation of biomechanical behaviour to development of medical devices and procedures. We use structural engineering analysis tools such as laboratory experiments and nonlinear finite element modelling to determine the material properties of soft tissue and to predict its response to mechanical actions. We have completed and current project on the development of medical devices and procedures, some of which are being used in clinical practice. Our group has developed state of the art laboratory facilities that provide tight control of hydration, temperature and stain rate and offer non-contact behaviour monitoring methods. Our numerical simulation is quite advanced and enables consideration of the tissue's hyperelastic, hysteretic, viscoelastic and anisotropic behaviour. Until recently, all of our work has been on ocular biomechanics but now includes applications in the musculoskeletal system, pancreas and skin. We will be happy to look into other areas depending on external interest and funding.

a word from group lead

We welcome visitors to our internet site and our physical group location at the School of Engineering at the University of Liverpool. The site includes introduction to our group activities, our publications and funding and our partners. If you are interested in working with us or learning more about our activities, do not hesitate to get in touch. The Biomechanical Engineering Group is a dynamic group with several exciting current and planned projects. We welcome collaboration with clinicians, scientists, patient groups and charities and industrial organisations. This collaboration has been essential in the past in achieving our objectives and helping us grow in expertise and profile to where we are now.

Professor Ahmed Elsheikh, Group Lead, Head of School of Engineering